Foundations of Project Management

This is a collection of references to articles and ideas that I refer to constantly to refresh my vision for Project Management.

Bent Flyvbjerg on Reference Class Forecasting.

Mel Conway on How committees Invent. The function and dysfunction of Project Boards are a great source of case studies for Conway’s Law.

Fernando Flores on Conversations for Action. This is the Project Manager’s daily bread. See my reflection on this.  What Could Possibly go Wrong.  See also Peter Dennings excellent article1 .

Atul Gawande on The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right. How do we ensure repeatable processes with highly qualified professionals? How can we document them?

  1. Peter J. Denning. 2013. The other side of language. Commun. ACM 56, 9 (September 2013), 35-37. DOI=10.1145/2500132 

“Cybersecurity as Realpolitik” by Dan Geer

“Cybersecurity as Realpolitik” by Dan Geer, at BlackHat 2014 is a thought provoking and informative discussion of the behavioural economic interventions that might increase Cyber Security. 8/10

Is there any real difference between a system that permits easy, secure, identity-based services and a surveillance system?



Expected % Complete MS Project Custom Column

I attended Angela Chellas' MS Project Advanced workshop today (excellent course) and there was a question about how to figure out what % complete that a task should be if it was on track.  Based on elapsed time, the Expected % Complete for tasks and … [Continue reading]

PRINCE2 Joined-Up

The core of PRINCE2 project governance guidance is summarised in the introduction to the business case ... The ongoing and ever-present decision regarding the Business Case is whether the project can (still) be justified. This is based on whether … [Continue reading]

Portable Bank Account Numbers

As you are probably aware, the Australian telecommunications regulator mandated mobile phone number portability which eliminated a major source of 'lock-in' previously available to phone companies. Today banks enjoy a very similar source of … [Continue reading]

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion


Cialdini's book is a must read for all sentient beings. The facts on the ground are too numerous for our minds to accommodate so we consistently adopt mental shortcuts that make us vulnerable to the compliance practitioner. Forewarned is … [Continue reading]

Replacing TrueCrypt

If you are a TrueCrypt user then recent events will have given you pause for thought.  What to do? After reviewing alternatives, I have made the switch to BestCrypt. The tool is feature complete and the conversion has been seamless so far. … [Continue reading]

Javascript Concurrency

Every wondered how the javascript concurrency model works? I didn't either .... until tonight, chasing a bug in todo.txt HTML client.  In case you are interested, here are the three references that got me across the line: Mozilla … [Continue reading]

Indentifying Configuration Items and MS Project

This post explores a way of using MS Project to automatically allocate a permanent identifying number to a project's configuration items. Within PRINCE2 project management guidance, configuration management depends, in part, on being able to … [Continue reading]

Innovative Todo.txt client

Stay on top of your Todo.txt from any (non-IE) browser anywhere! I am pleased to announce the release of, a HTML5 Todo.txt app for Dropbox. Let the content of your Todo.txt drive the user interface,' and sort and filter … [Continue reading]


HTML5 Todo.txt app for Dropbox with novel user-centric text-driven user interface. … [Continue reading]

Ambi Functions

Here are a couple of short examples of ambi functions. These may be copied and pasted into the Ambi Calculator. The first is a recursive implementation of Euclid's algorithm for finding the Greatest Common Divisor:   function; gcd; // A B … [Continue reading]

Ambi RPN Calculator Update and Chrome Extension

I have updated and released a new version of the Ambi RPN Calculator and programming language. Version 0.6.0 includes the following improvements ... Complete redesign of UI using browser local storage to preserve state across invocations. Added … [Continue reading]

Finding “my place” in Australia

It has been almost eighteen months since posting to this blog and two years since I returned to Australia with my family in late December 2009. I joined Wesley Mission as a Project Manager and Business Analyst in May 2010.  Project managing an … [Continue reading]

Australian Radio Streaming URLs

I have just started using the Chrome Radio Player and search as I may, I was unable to find a single source for the streaming urls of Australian radio stations. I have found them and here is the result of my research. You can plug these URLs into … [Continue reading]