Lifetime Postal Address

I would like a Lifetime Postal Address (LPA) that I could give to the 50+ organisations that send me items in the post. I would be happy to pay Australia Post $100 per year for the opportunity to never have to change my postal address – ever.

Given the mobility of the Australian popupation, this is a marketing opportunity for Australia Post. Australian PO Box holders can get a similar service today by a/ renting a PO Box and then b/ paying for redirection. The LPA simplifies and streamlines the service.

Here is a few more details on how this could work.

  • Subscribers update their actual delivery addresses, as often as necessary, at a secure website run by Australia Post
  • LPA’s are globally unique
  • LPA’s could be formed like airline booking references 6 alphanumeric digits.
  • The last character in an LPA is a check-character that ensures that different LPAs always differ by more than one character
  • If a LPA subscriber let their subscription lapse, then their mail is “Returned to Sender LPA not active”
  • Once allocated, LPA’s are only returned to the available pool 20 years after they have lapsed.
  • LPA subscribers could be offered discounts on bundled PO Box rental

Addendum. The Lifetime Addressing Inc. was formed in 1998 to promote this idea.

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