(On One Page)

Announcing (On One Page)
(On One Page) – is an information design pattern aimed at assisting people to master best practice guidelines, policies, procedures and bodies of knowledge.  I have created some examples:

  1. New South Wales Health Department’s, Aged Care Assessment Guidelines (On One Page) .  This is sourced from a 144 page book!
  2. The Project Management Institutes’s, PMBOK Guide – Fourth Edition (On One Page). This is a 350+ page book.

The (On One Page) design pattern has the following features:

  1. The user is presented with a one-page visual metaphor of all the concepts contained in the book, manual or “body of knowledge”. In the case of a book the index may be an adequate visual metaphor.
  2. The one-page visual metaphor:
    • is interactive
    • gives each concept a fixed position in relation to all other concepts
    • allows focus by only showing a subset of all the concepts at one time
  3. The concept in focus is gold coloured and “see also” concepts are colored light blue.
  4. For concepts with associated text, the text may be displayed in a popup window.

By means of these design decisions, users may

  1. See “both the wood and the trees” simultaneously. The wood is the whole body of knowledge and the trees are individual concepts.
  2. See the interconnections between concepts.
  3. Use spacial as well as verbal memory to master concepts and their interrelationships.

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