Improving engagement in Distance Education

I am studying at the moment and would like to see an increase in the consistent engagement level demanded of me during the 14 or so weeks of the semester. At the same time, I would like to see this done in a way that doesn’t impact on the instructor’s time. Here is a suggestion:

Student Sourcing Multiple Choice Questions Weekly Activity
This weekly activity could count for (say) 10% of the student’s total score.

Each week, students

  1. use a small web application to develop and enter a week-specific multiple choice question with four answers to a bank of student created questions for this subject and
  2. answer two questions that other students have entered.

When a student creates a question, they must give the text/ web reference that justifies their answer.

A student league table is maintained by the application showing a score calculated as:

  • +2 for each question authored and submitted before the end of the relevant week.
  • +1 for each question that the student answers correctly,

Quality is maintained through a challenge process. When answering questions entered by someone else, a student may believe that the question is off-topic or just wrong, if so, they may challenge the question. A challenge is resolved by the instructor. A successful challenger is given two points from the question’s author’s tally and the question is removed from the question bank. In order to discourage frivolous challenges, an unsuccessful challenger gives up three points to the author who was proved correct and the question is marked as “validated” to prevent further futile challenges.

If this, or something similar, had been in place for my current subject – I would be much better prepared for my exam today!

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