Internet All The Way Down

“STEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming”[linkmoved] has a great piece about the promise of a uniform model of computation based on arbitrary decomposition to the internet. On p32 they say:

Part of the solution to “an Internet all the way down” has interesting conflicts with today’s hardware and we are curious to see just how far this can be taken without having to posit a different (but pretty minimal) set of machinery to help out. Basically, we would like to make a distributed object system that is (a) so protected that it can allow completely foreign objects to be brought in from elsewhere without causing harm, and (b) so efficient that a much higher level of abstract communication can be used between objects (perhaps an advanced form of “publish and subscribe” or “forward inferencing using knowledge patterns”).

One of the central observations underlying RDBC (and Hypertext Computing) is just this idea of the Internet All the Way Down!

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